Why Dance?

There are many benefits to experiencing dance at any age. Some include:

  • health
  • balance
  • coordination
  • cognitive performance

Check out this article on the benefits of dance for more information:

Why JMM Dance Co?

These are the benefits of OUR program model:

  • Increase social emotional intelligence
  • Build teamwork, presentation & communication skills
  • Grow confidence and independent thinking
  • Expose to dance education and terminology
  • Learn how to work through their disabilities and find hidden abilities
  • Understand empathy and learn how to value individuals with different abilities and backgrounds

Dance Programs & Classes

We offer a variety of dance programs to serve people in different paths of life in a variety of settings. Check out the opportunities for your family below. Most of our programs run in a quarterly session with a performance culmination for the kids. 

We have divided our program into three sections. Please note that we have a pay as you can system in place to give all kids and families the opportunity to experience dance. 

For those looking for like-skills development and programs for individuals with special needs, check out Moves Made 4 Me.®

For those looking for enrichment classes check out DanceMinds® classes.

For those looking for after school site programs or to be part of a dance company please check out JMM Dance Co.

Dance Class Programs
The purpose of these programs is to provide a safe space and opportunity for individuals with different capacities to improve life-skills development by utilizing the tools of movement. See more information about Moves Made for Me.
  • Exploratory Moves™
  • Sensory Moves™
  • Fantasy Moves™
  • Expressive Moves™
  • Mindful Moves™
  • Lifeskills Moves™’


The purpose of these programs is to provide a safe space for families who want educational enrichment opportunities for their children in an inclusive environment open to all backgrounds and cultures at a low cost.

  • Princess Pre-Ballet ages 5-9 years
  • Jr. Hip Hop Tumble  4-6 years and 7-10 years
  • Dancers Combo    6-12 years

The purpose of these programs is both to provide kids an outlet of expression in a safe place at a low to no cost. We also have a focused company group for those who are passionate about the art of dance and performance. We focus in areas where there are few after school programs and few artistic opportunities.

  • Afterschool Dance Program 5-10 years
  • JMM Dance Company Jr. 7-12 years

Mentorship Program

Are you a teen or young adult with a passion to help others and an interest in dance education? Do you enjoy uplifting others and leading groups? We are looking for community members to Mentor youth! Once trained you would lead and assist in teaching classes and leading community events that help improve social-emotional skills and confidence in those with a special need and with limited resources. This is a great opportunity for you to develop and use your skills in leadership and learn to see the world from a different lens.

Recitals & Events

We provide performing opportunities to our students. These are done periodically throughout the year in different locations.

We also prepare kids for all facets of performance, including shoes and costumes!

Get Your Dance Attire Here!

Does JMM Dance Co. have a dress code? 

No, we do not! 

We do encourage for you to help your child feel like a dancer by purchasing him or her some FUN dance clothes!!

We can help you do this, check out our links below to get dance attire and shoes!

Link to teacher store

We appreciate our current donors!